Other Services

Pier/Hoist Install and Removal:

Call for a free estimate.  Rate is either quoted per section or by the hour..

Restore and Rejuvenate:

We can return your Snowmobile back to what it looked like when you first bought it.  Call for a free estimate.  Rate is either quoted by the hour or by job.


We can install Deck guides, Ramp and Door guides, Lifts, TraxMat, Snow Shields on your existing trailer or on a our new Triton Trailers.  You Decide how to configure your trailer needs.  

Service Calls:
Our standard labor rate applies to service calls plus an additional (see below) for dispatching our technician to your location.

Extra Man to pull a boat $25.00 based on area

Pick up / Delivery to lakes

Big / Little Arbor Vitae        $60.00

Big / Little – St. Germain     $45.00

Dam/Sand Chain                 $60.00

Eagle River T-docks             $80.00

Found                                    $50.00

Gilmore                                 $60.00

Laura                                     $80.00

Lost                                        $45.00

Moon – Alma                        $45.00

Muskellunge                        $80.00

Nokomis-Snipe                    $60.00

Pickeral (Hwy G)                  $80.00

Pickeral  (Hwy J)                   $45.00

Plum                                      $60.00

Rainbow Flowage                $60.00

Razorback                             $60.00

Star (East Side)                     $80.00

Stella                                     $45.00

All other unlisted lakes      $90.00